February 18, 2011 by jizzshotmaster

On February 18, 2011, I met a woman in
Seattle, WA. Her name is D***. We went to a
Ramada Inn Hotel. It was anal sex all night.

What Im looking for in a Daddy/Mommy Dom by bbpheni ...

Im looking for a Daddy/Mommy Dom who can be
in full control of me, not just my baby girl
side. Can you take care of my social and

What’s in the mind of a sex addict by bbpheni ...

When people hear the word sex addict they

Your Bitch – Erotic Story by Veronica-Vixen

Your Bitch
By Veronica Vixen

Eating Out by Pinkeater161

You are making plans for lunch and was
thinking about the other night with me and

A Hot Evening by Pinkeater161

Its just another Friday and I getting ready
for work. The TV is on broadcasting the
latest news and weather. I go to the front

Cam show gratitude by big_head87

Lately i’ve been watching live cam shows,
always interested in euro babes. You know
what it’s like getting a peek at the ones

My sex story… by jennifer261

I work long, long hours at a New York digital
media property that shall remain nameless.
It’s a super-crazy schedule and I am forever

pardory by sammydic1

A articulate lampoon caricature in exotic
formation is very alluring to the visual
abnormal glimpse of most individuals

Drinking and Fucking by HenryRaw

Emily went to the top of the stairs, and then
crept back to Jenn’s room. Emily peeked in,
saw Jenn pulling off her skirt and panties,

House Call by Pinkeater161

7:59 am
Im on the phone Hello hospital, I need to
make an appointment. Im having a issues and

oral craving by AriesBBW

im infatuated with the need to please you,
the desire to make you feel good and the urge
to swallow your nut. i crave to taste the