meeting by brownskinlady21

the first time I met my daddy I did this. we
exchanged only a handful of pictures after I
had posted an ad on craigslist and one phone

ebvony milf by jazzybella

in the bay and finding new people and places,
i use to live in sacramento and decided to
move to san jose to be close to my family,

Quey Style by QueSoFire

Quey Style

I am Que So fire,30yr old executive producer.

Fun in the office by Pinkeater161

10:35 am
While working at a law farm, I sitting at my
desk working on the next case, I see there is

A Hot Evening Pt.2 by Pinkeater161

I just put everything away for the day and
lock the doors and start walking to catch my
train. My mind was on that text message you

Our First Encounter by cocoprincess94

All week, I have been really excited about
this date with Mr. wood from this dating site
I was on. He seemed like a real nice guy and

What Im looking for in a Daddy/Mommy Dom by bbpheni ...

Im looking for a Daddy/Mommy Dom who can be
in full control of me, not just my baby girl
side. Can you take care of my social and

What’s in the mind of a sex addict by bbpheni ...

When people hear the word sex addict they

Your Bitch – Erotic Story by Veronica-Vixen

Your Bitch
By Veronica Vixen

Eating Out by Pinkeater161

You are making plans for lunch and was
thinking about the other night with me and

A Hot Evening by Pinkeater161

Its just another Friday and I getting ready
for work. The TV is on broadcasting the
latest news and weather. I go to the front

Overcumming Her Worst Fears by SecretSin7116

She awoke to his arms around her as usual and